Daniel Golliher

Hello, I’m Daniel Golliher. I’m the founder and host of Small Town Expats.

Why is this podcast happening?

If I could go back in time, hand my 16-year-old self a copy of my current resume (I’m 26 now), and tell him to work on accomplishing everything on it, he would have a panic attack. There are two reasons for this: (1) There were very few adults around him who had experience relevant to that resume, and they could not guide or help him very much. He would be on his own. (2) He was raised on a farm, and the town he drove to for school maxed out at a little over 1,000 people. He had never lived in a city, and had no idea of what living and working in an urban center would actually require.

My resume contains an A.B. in Government from Harvard College, a string of professional jobs around Boston, and even a few books that I’ve written. There is just simply no support system geared toward doing those kinds of things in rural east-central Indiana, which is where I’m from (although, as I’ve written, there are still plenty of amazing people who do other amazing things there).

What is it for?

As I progressed through late high school, college, and graduation, I was only ever able to see a few feet in front of me. I’m doing fine now, and have even developed the acute vision to see further off into the distance, but I could have used some pointers along the way.

Enter: this podcast. Its purpose is to light the way from small town high schools and main streets to the urban campus and the downtown professions. I had to navigate that path the hard way, but it would be great if that means others don’t have to. Small Town Expats is for all the small-towners and all the former small-towners. And even if you’re not either of those things, it’s for you if you want it.

What’s the story with its name?

As to the name of the podcast: Small Town Expats. Expat is short for “expatriate,” and it means someone who lives outside of their native country. It’s different than the word “immigrant,” because an expat still retains their original citizenship and passport, where an immigrant exchanges them. I grew up on a farm, and now I live in one of the nation’s preeminent urban centers–but that doesn’t mean I’m wholly of one or the other. I haven’t given up my rural roots, even though the actual plant that grew out of them is urban. I’m part of both worlds, even though I only live in one. Expat covers all that where other words wouldn’t. Above all, it connotes a retained connection.

I know not everyone will want to do the kinds of things that I’ve done, but I know with certainty that some people will want to. If you’re in high school, in college, a recent graduate, or a parent or guidance staffer tasked with helping any of these, I hope this podcast will be relevant and helpful to you.

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