Hello, I’m Andrew Lewis, the co-host of Small Town Expats.

My Inspiration

Intelligent, driven people with heaps of potential exist everywhere. However, many of those people grow up in circumstances that stifle or limit their potential. Often a role model or mentor can provide the help a person needs. I look young to be a mentor, but even today I could make life much easier for a younger version of myself. That is why I joined Daniel to create Small Town Expats.

My Purpose

Hopefully this podcast will provide useful information and encouragement to people who grew up in places like my hometown.  I want to make it easier for high school students to apply to colleges, to shed light on the corporate world for college students, and to comfort young professionals who feel anxious about the endless choices ahead of them.

Also, I want to learn. Creating Small Town Expats will teach me how to translate my experiences into helpful advice for others. Plus, it serves as a step on my path to pursue more goals of my own.

My Experience

Why am I suited to do this? I lived the generic path that is pushed on millions of young people in America. Adults tell them to earn good grades, go to a reputable university, pick an in-demand field, and get a good job.

After graduating valedictorian, I left the town of 100 people that I grew up in to attend Indiana University, Bloomington. There I studied finance followed by a master’s degree in information systems. Graduating with honors, I secured a job at Kroger’s customer analytics subsidiary in Cincinnati, OH.

I traced much of my life from a familiar stencil. I want to say to everyone holding it, “The stencil’s appeal is also its curse. It makes drawing easy until you want to draw something else.”